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Wire Mesh
Materials Process of Wire Mesh


Plain Weave

A basic wire mesh with the transverse weft wires and the longitudinal warp wires crossing at right angles at a set interval.

Twilled Weave
The weft wires and the warp wires are arranged such that every weft wire crosses at least two warp wires, and vice versa. Compared to plain weave, twilled weave requires less wire bending, allowing the use of thicker wires.

Plain Dutch Weave

Same as a plain weave except that the weft wires are in contact with each other. Features high strength, often used for reinforcement.

Twilled Dutch Weave

A combination of plain Dutch and twilled weave. The weft wires are in contact with one another and each crosses at least two warp wires. Provides the finest filter rating compared with the other three weaves. The cloth surface is smooth.



Technical Terms :
       - Calculation
       - Chart

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